Our Story

Originally hailing from the UK,  we (Couture 420) are cannabis enthusiasts living happily on a (not so remote) Spanish island in the Canaries where the herb is largely decriminalized for personal growing and use.

We design clothing prints based on one of our main passions - marijuana - and love to mix in styles inspired by the subcultures of the multi-cultural cannabis community in which we were raised.

We would love to see legalization or at least decriminalization Worldwide, and we are proud to be long-time advocates of the 420 movement.


On looking for some interesting cannabis based clothing to purchase for a summer festival, we found the same problem on most sites...it was all the same, and all so...blah. After lots of searching we decided to call it a day and design our own festival outfits, as we already had in mind exactly what we wanted.  The response from our friends and other festival-goers was encouraging, with many requests for the name of the store we purchased our outfits from. This simple event prompted us to start our own marijuana-themed clothing line; and so 'Couture 420' was born.


   It helped that we already had an established fashion artist on the team. Spud had previously been awarded the 'Youth Award for Fashion' by HRH Queen Elizabeth the Queen Mother, and now spends his days feverishly sketching designs whilst looking after 6 cats.  Mel on the other hand, tends to the graphic design whilst feverishly shooing 6 cats away from the keyboard and mouse.


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